Xiaomi SU7

Smartphone maker's all-electric sedan revealed


Length - 4,997mm
Width - 1,963mm
Height - 1,440mm
Wheelbase - 3,000mm
Weight - 1,980 - 2,205kg


Single motor, RWD
299hp, 210kph top speed


Dual motor, AWD
673hp, 265kph top speed

Battery and range

BYD-sourced LFP battery on entry-level cars 
Larger CATL pack on higher models 


No official capacity or range figures.


Wraparound tail-lights with a connected light bar
Active rear wing, Lidar technology
Large touchscreen infotainment system

Launch timeline

Will go on sale in China in the first half of 2024
Xiaomi planning SUV launch in 2025


Tesla Model 3 
BMW i4 

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